On March 30, students of final year at ESHOB participated in the workshop organized by Coral Sea Marine Drink (CMSD). During the two hours of the event, the students learned about the innovative production method of the New Sea Drink, they could taste the sparkling wine and discover its characteristics. Afterwards, the participants, together with CMSD team, shared the impressions of the tasting, the submarine production method and presentation of the bottle.



The comments from the audience highlighted the elegance of the product, its freshness, its fine and integrated bubble, notes of salinity reminiscent of the sea, an initial acidity that leads to a pleasant bitter flavour and the originality of the presentation of the bottle that has natural and spontaneous fouling, accumulated during its long stay in the seabed.


CMSD team appreciates the opportunity given by ESHOB to hold this workshop and greatly appreciates the contributions of students and teachers who have shown great professionalism and enthusiasm.